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Service Type
NGA Online Training
All memberships include all courses, including new and updated, users’ account management, tracking/reporting tool, Go.Learn mobile app, implementation support for the administrator and the option to adopt new features and customizations.
annual fee per location
*Requires active NGA Membership
Other Memberships
Organization using Spanish courses only
annual fee per location
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Individual Membership (6 months)

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one time fee
Volume discount based on number of stores –
Package discount based on he additional features selected.
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Additional Features
Administrator Bundle – This package includes Learning Plan tool to create custom curriculums based department, position and individual, with the courses of your choosing and even set pre-requisites. You will also will be able to set groups, manage student enrollments, setup leaderboards and create contests (ie top score, first completion.)
Classroom Courses Management – Track your classroom sessions in the LMS.
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Course Customization
Course Imports –Add your own courses with your own content (SCORM, AICC, TinCan, PowerPoint, videos, documentation)
one-time fee per course
Customize Our Courses – Tailor the courses to meet the specifics needs of your organization.
fee per hour
Customize Your Course Catalog – A unique course catalog to display only the courses you select and in the way that meets the needs of your program.
one-time fee
Corporate University
Corporate University Branding – Brand the program with your company logos any your URL
1st year initial fee and annual fee after that
$2,000.00 (1st year + set-up)
$1,000.00 (annual fee)
Customize the Home page – Tailor the layout to display or not user information, courses, learning plans, and catalogs.
one-time fee
Automated Enrollments – Have rules that enroll students in courses based on information in the user profile.
fee per hour
Corporate University All-Inclusive
The Advanced Corporate University Package is an all inclusive package tailored to the needs of your organization. Pricing varies according the number of locations and the expected usage of the features.
  • Administrator Bundle
  • Classroom Courses Management
  • Course Customization (import/tailor/catalog)
  • Corporate University
  • Automated Enrollments – have rules that enroll students in courses based on information in the user profile.
  • Automated User Management – Sync your HRS or Payroll system with our LMS to create/update/inactivate users.
  • Single Sign On – Have your users access the LMS from your intranet without having to login. If a user from your intranet does not have a training account, one will be created automatically for them.
annual fee
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