Badges Program

Our program has a new feature that will award you badges. You will earn a star badge every time you reach certain numbers of course completions, or when you complete all the courses for a subject badge.


Badges Program Fact Sheet

Course Requirements.

What is a Badge?

A badge is a recognition for achieving a milestone in your learning path.

On your account’s Menu you have a new section that lists
your badges and the points you have earned. For details click “View all badges and points”.

Each badge has a point value, that accumulates giving you a total number of points.

The Leaderboard lists your position based on your total points and also the Top 10 Leaders based on their points.


Administrators now have a recognition and incentive program that runs automatically.
The system tracks course completions and awards the badges accordingly.

You can purchase a pin when you reach the 1 Star, 3 Star and 5 Star badges.
Cost: $2.00 USD + shipping

Buy Learning Recognition Pins!

Recognition programs fuel support and enthusiasm for learning. This is why the N.G.A. Online Training and Education Center provides a pin program, which allows retailers to recognize their associates’ online training achievements. The program offers three levels (three pins) of recognition based on each associates’ number of course completions:


Program Guideline

  • Course completion totals are cumulative. The courses that counted towards a 1 STAR pin will also count towards a 3 STAR and 5 STAR pin.
  • The N.G.A. Online Training and Education Center reserves the right to verify an associate’s number of course completions before sending the pin.
  • This program can be tied in with the Badges feature in the online training program.

Pin Cost

  • Cost: $2.00 USD per pin + shipping
  • Payment: credit card

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