We sell a training program, not just courses!

Our goal is to provide independent food retailers with a low-cost online training program developed specifically for our industry. The program offers relevant and practical courses, a tracking system, and flexibility of use. We will become your training partner.

 Demo and Evaluate

Schedule a demo to learn about the features of the program, its benefits, requirements, and how it will work in your store. Demos are 1-hour every Wednesday at 10AM CT.  After the demo, you will receive full access to evaluate the program for a full week.

 Join the Program

Joining is simple: sign a one-year contract, make a payment and start using the program right away.

 Plan Implementation

All clients can benefit from a two-step planning process. First, an implementation meeting will help you define guidelines for you program, and plan its roll-out. Second, an administrator training will show you how to use the reports and the maintenance tools.

 Start Program

Register your students, assign courses and roll-out your program. Track progress, adjust and maintain.


Conducted every Wednesday at 10AM CT

  • Live-session with Q&A

  • Learn about our online training program

  • Explore the system’s functionality

  • Full access for a week after the demo

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • You may request an individual demo session

For pricing, please go to our Pricing page.


Demos are conducted every Wednesday at 10AM CT.