Food Safety Manager Training

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Food Safety Manager Training prepares managers to implement proven food safety practices and systems, maintain a safe and hygienic foodservice operation, and oversee the training and daily practices of hourly food workers to prevent the spread of foodborne illness.

We have developed food and safety online courses that are meant to prepare you for the Food Safety Manager Training Certification ANSI certified exam. This exam assesses and certifies the food safety knowledge of people in the food retail industry. For more information, please contact us.

Note: Food Manager Certification is also known as Food Safety Manager, Certified Food Protection Manager, Food Service Manager, and Food Handler Manager.

Course Duration: 5 hours

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Reduce your maintenance burden by using our Learning Management System. If your store associates complete our online courses, an automatic record will be generated of the training history. If you decide to use different modalities such as external classroom training, you can also import your certificate and track the period of validity.

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