Assistant Bakery Manager

ASSISTANT BAKERY MANAGER Assistant bakery managers must develop the necessary tools for improving department operations and sales. This includes understanding consumers, keeping track of, promoting and displaying products and managing daily operations, such as sanitation and scheduling. In this course, you will develop all of these skills, as well as learn how to effectively merchandise and provide the best possible service through team building and empowering your associates. Assistant Bakery Manager Training Topics: The Consumer Sales and Merchandising Bakery Operations Course Duration: 2 hours 30 mins

Assistant Deli Manager

ASSISTANT DELI MANAGER Assistant deli managers must develop the necessary tools for improving department operations and sales. This includes differentiating the department from the competition and satisfying consumers’ need for convenience. In this course, you will develop all of these skills, learn about new deli products, provide improved services and increase your understanding of the deli department’s day-to-day operations. Assistant Deli Manager Training Topics: Remaining Competitive Sales and Merchandising Deli Operations Course Duration: 3 hours 30 mins

Bakery Clerk

BAKERY CLERK The responsibilities of a bakery clerk extend beyond slicing bread and baking cakes. Bakery clerks must be knowledgeable about the products in the bakery. They must know the step-by-step processes of product preparation, as well as ways to sell those products and maintain sanitation standards. As a bakery clerk, you should develop your knowledge and skills in all of these areas to deliver the best possible bakery products to your consumers.       Bakery Clerk Training Topics: Food-Handling Basics Receiving and Storing Product Identification and Knowledge Bakery Production Bakery Department Sanitation Merchandising Course Duration: 3 hours

Beer Connoisseur Curriculum

BEER CONNOISSEUR CURRICULUM This is a curriculum of 15 courses. The goal of this curriculum is to help you develop expert knowledge and appreciation of beer. It covers a wide range of subjects, from brewing to using beer in culinary cuisine.             Beer Connoisseur Training Topics: Tutorial Overview Ingredients Brewing Process Beer Styles Storage and the Perfect Pour Glassware Pairings Overview Beer with Rich and Creamy Food Beer with Tart Citrusy, Light, and Fresh Food Beer with Grilled, Seared, and Blackened Food Beer with Hearty and Savory Food Beer with Hot and Spicy Food Beer with Desserts Beer with Cheese Cooking with Beer Conclusion Curriculum Duration: 2 hours 30 mins


CASHIER As an integral part of the supermarket team, cashiers must know the proper procedure for a wide range of situations and subjects. They operate the checkout system and its components, identify products, handle money and payments, prevent shrink, bag orders and maintain the front end. As a cashier, it is vital that you develop your skills and knowledge in all of these areas in order to enhance your store's image, contribute to daily operations and better serve your consumers. Cashier Training Topics: Basic Responsibilities Produce Identification Payment Shrink Bagging Groceries Course Duration: 3 hours

Cheese Specialist

CHEESE SPECIALIST With more than 300 different varieties, cheese is one of the fastest growing industries. Cheese specialists must understand how to contribute to a profitable cheese department by knowing the differences between each of the cheese varieties and how to market them. As a cheese specialist, you must develop in-depth knowledge about cheese in order to attend to the needs of consumers interested in purchasing cheese products. Cheese Specialist Training Topics: Cheese Industry Cheese Varieties Cheese Merchandising Course Duration: 3 hours 30 mins

Convenience Store Cashier

CONVENIENCE STORE CASHIER The duties of a convenience store cashier extend beyond simple checkout procedures. Cashiers must have a thorough understanding of every type of payment, as well as what to do with lottery tickets and how to bag products. Cashiers should also know how to behave in dangerous situations like robberies. In this course, you will learn the basics of being a convenience store cashier, which includes everything from checkout procedures to preventing theft of merchandise.     Convenience Store Cashier Training Topics: Checkout Duties Other Duties Shrink Course Duration: 1 hour 

Convenience Store Customer Service

CONVENIENCE STORE CUSTOMER SERVICE The consumer is the most important person in the convenience store; if a consumer is unsatisfied, he or she may choose to shop at a competitor or different retail store format, such as a supermarket with a fuel center. However, if convenience store associates give consumers extraordinary and friendly service, the consumer will most likely return to the store in the future. As a convenience store sales associate, you have a responsibility to provide friendly, efficient and professional service to each and every consumer who enters your store.     Convenience Store Customer Service Training Topics: Communication Difficult Situations Professionalism Course Duration: 1 hour 30 mins

Convenience Store Operations

CONVENIENCE STORE OPERATIONS A convenience store associate is often challenged to complete a variety of task accurately and efficiently, even if he or she is the only person in the store. In this course, you will learn some of the key convenience store tasks you should perform. This includes keeping both the interior and exterior of the store clean and organized, as well as the responsibilities associated with gasoline. Convenience Store Operations Training Topics: Shift Duties Displays and Storage Petroleum Course Duration: 1 hour 


BAGGER A bagger is often the first associate consumers see when they walk into the store and the last one they see before walking out. So when consumers return home and find their eggs are broken and bread is crushed, they not only blame the courtesy clerk, but they also may choose not to buy from the store again. As a bagger, it is your responsibility to avoid this outcome by properly bagging and carrying out consumers’ orders. Bagger Training Topics: Front-End Support Bagging Course Duration: 2 hours  

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