Selling Wine

SELLING WINE Our Selling Wine course has been developed to prepare you to sell wine to your customers in the store. In this course, you will learn such topics as how to display, sample and sell a customer a bottle of wine. Course Duration: 30 minutes

Wine Basics

WINE BASICS   Our Wine Basics course is an introductory course all about wine. Topics such as how wine is made, label characteristics, varieties and storage and handling should provide students with the knowledge they need to inform consumers all about the basics of wine. Course Duration: 20 minutes

Category Management

CATEGORY MANAGEMENT Shelf space is often scarce due to a constant supply of new products. Retailers are frequently challenged when deciding what products to add to the inventory, where to place them and at what price, as well as how to promote them. The category management process is designed to help retailers and suppliers successfully manage shelf space. This course helps you understand how to develop categories through collaboration and focus on the consumer and market. Category Management Training Topics: Category Management Essentials The Eight Steps of Category Management The Trends and Future of Category Management Course Duration: 3 hours

Introduction to Dairy

INTRODUCTION TO DAIRY This Introduction to Dairy e-learning course was developed for dairy department managers and clerks to ensure your customers have an excellent experience in the dairy department of your store.       Duration: 1 hour

Multicultural Marketing

The Coca-Cola Company developed this course focusing on developing food retail multicultural selling opportunities. Course objectives: • Recognize the growth in multicultural opportunities for your store. • How to identify multicultural selling opportunities with your shopper. • How to sell-in and position multicultural marketing programs most effectively. Note: This course may take 5 to 6 minutes to download, depending on the internet speed. Course Duration: 30 mins

Non-Alcoholic Beverages Department

NON-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES DEPARTMENT The non-alcoholic beverages department is an essential section of the store. Associates in this department must learn how to merchandise, know the different beverage categories and utilize temperature to sell more products. As an associate in the non-alcoholic beverages department, it is your responsibility to gain knowledge of the products you sell and the best way to sell them. Note: this is an introductory course; the second course in this series is “Non-Alcoholic Beverages Department – Soft Drinks.”     Non-Alcoholic Beverages Department Training Topics: The Non-Alcoholic Beverage Department Making Money in the Beverage Department Beverage Category Basics Marketing Beverages in Your Store Make it Cold to be Sold Direct Store Delivery Course Duration: 2 hours 30 mins

Non-Alcoholic Beverages Department – Juices

NON-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES DEPARTMENT - JUICES Juices are a multi-billion dollar industry. All ages of consumers purchase juices for all different kinds of occasions. One of the most appealing aspects of the category is variety: Juices come in many flavors, such as orange, apple, guava, pomegranate and grape. In this lesson, you will learn the history of juice—including how citrus was used in ancient times and brought to the United States—as well as the key manufacturers of the industry. You will also learn about the three main juice segments: chilled, frozen and shelf stable.       Non-Alcoholic Beverages Department - Juices training Topics: The History of Juice Juice Segments Consumer Demographics Course Duration: 3 hours 

Non-Alcoholic Beverages Department – Soft Drinks

NON-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES DEPARTMENT - SOFT DRINKS After receiving an overview in the introductory course, “Non-Alcoholic Beverages Department,” this course focuses on a specific beverage category: soft drinks. Soft drinks are not only the largest volume contributor within the department, but also make the most retail dollars for your entire store. As an associate in the non-alcoholic beverages department, it is vital that you develop your understanding of soft drinks and the consumers who purchase the product. Non-Alcoholic Beverages Department - Soft Drinks Training Topics: Soft Drink Product Category Segments of the Product Category The Soft Drink Consumer Soft Drink Category Management Course Duration: 3 hours 15 mins

Promotions and Merchandising

PROMOTIONS AND MERCHANDISING Products do not sell themselves. Food retailers must rely on merchandising, a process that is much more complex than simply choosing a product and placing it on a shelf so someone can buy it. As a supermarket representative, it is imperative that you help implement a successful merchandising program. In this course, you will develop an understanding of the basics of merchandising and consumer buying habits, as well as complimentary products, pricing and promotions. Promotions and Merchandising Topics: Merchandising Basics Buying and Pricing Communication and Presenting Course Duration: 3 hours 30 mins

Selling Solutions

SELLING SOLUTIONS In today's competitive food retail market, stores need to do more than just sell products if they want to stand out from the competition; they need to sell solutions to their consumers' shopping needs. What are individual consumers looking for in the store, and how can store associates provide the best possible assistance while maximizing sales? In this course, you will learn about emotional branding, probing questions, the principles of selling, and the best ways to provide your consumers with the best possible solutions to their shopping needs. Selling Solutions Training Topics: Interactions Customers Product Knowledge Course Duration: 2 hours 30 mins

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