Emotional Intelligence

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE Leadership is not a title on a business card. Successful leaders, unlike traditional hierarchical manager’s show to have a high degree of emotional intelligence. This course is an introduction to the key competencies that will help you become a better leader.   Course duration: 40 mins

Introduction to Supervisory Skills I

INTRODUCTION TO SUPERVISORY SKILLS I Being a good supervisor is more than just getting the job done. Yes, it’s important to complete tasks and meet deadlines. But following the correct processes and procedures involves only one set of management skills. You also must be a good leader. These skills help you interact and communicate with team members effectively. This course discusses ways to use motivation, accountability, and delegation to develop team members. Duration: 1 hour

Introduction to Supervisory Skills II

INTRODUCTION TO SUPERVISORY SKILLS II Part of being a good leader is helping your team get the job done in the most effective and efficient manner. This is called performance management. There are a number of skills that can help you become competent at managing the performance of team members. This course discusses how to provide feedback, give performance reviews and handle disciplinary and grievance issues. Course Duration: 1 hour 15 mins

Management Best Practices

MANAGEMENT BEST PRACTICES “Getting to Great,” a Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council study, offers an entirely fresh look at great store performance, one that goes well beyond the traditional bottom line. In this course you will study “Getting to Great” and see how three factors—store sales versus sales potential, customer loyalty and employee loyalty—combine to set great-performing stores apart from those that only produce a solid profit. You will also learn about the four management practices that are always applied in great-performing stores but may be uncommon or non-existent in lesser-performing stores. Whether you operate one store or 100, the lessons learned in this course will help improve store performance.     Management Best Practices Training Topics: Defining Great Performance Manager Mindset Four Key Management Practices Course Duration: 1 hour 30 mins

Managing People

MANAGING PEOPLE To remain successful in an increasingly competitive and fast-paced market, food retailers need a dedicated workforce. Passion, creativity and superior know-how in all customer-facing activities can separate the winners from the losers in the food retail marketplace. In this course you will examine the Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council study "A Leadership People Strategy for Food Retailers" and identify relevant employment issues and trends in food retailing. The study emphasizes a need for food retailers to become employers of choice. It provides you with a strategic framework for human resources and easy-to-use checklists for the implementation of your own people strategy.     Managing People Training Topics: Employers of Choice A Successful People Strategy Recruiting, Training, Retaining Retention and Turnover Course Duration: 2 hours 30 mins

Retention and Turnover

RETENTION AND TURNOVER A Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council study, “New Ideas for Retaining Store-Level Employees,” gives supermarket retailers two focal points for attacking the employee turnover problem. One is the ability to determine the real cost of store-level turnover. The other is to identify actions that will increase employee retention and reduce turnover. In this course you will examine the data from “New Ideas for Retaining Store-Level Employees” and use it to develop an action plan that will help you overcome the costs of employee turnover. Retention and Turnover Training Topics: Identifying Turnover Data Building an Action Plan Course Duration: 1 hour 15 mins

The Leadership Challenge – Book Review

Successful leaders make things happen. They strengthen and motivate people. They influence others toward achieving a common goal. They encourage people and organizations to go where they have never been before.  Leadership is not a fad, and it will never go away. Time, problems, process, people and technology may change, but leadership will always be necessary. Change is the realm of leadership.   This Leadership Challenge course and book will help you to get more knowledge  to become a better leader.   Course duration: 45 mins

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