This course is designed for food retailers who sell alcohol in the state of Montana. Alcohol sales are strictly regulated, so associates will occasionally have to refuse a sale to a minor or a person who is intoxicated. Additionally, this course explains the effect alcohol has on behavior, defines blood alcohol content, classifies legal forms of identification and discusses what to do with fake IDs.

* In order to receive certification for the State of Montana, you must enter your Date of Birth in your student profile.

Course Duration: 3 hours

During the 2011 Legislative session the Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service Act was passed which makes alcohol server training mandatory in the state of Montana. Students who complete the Alcohol Sales Awareness – Montana Certified course receive the Institute’s certification of training, which is valid and approved by the State of Montana. However it requires each user to have their date of birth in their online training account, next to their name.

Please click here, to verify an individual’s alcohol server/seller training record by entering the person’s name (first and last) and their date of birth. If the person has valid training, you may print a training verification.

Feel free to contact the Institute at 773-695-2611 or click here if you have any questions regarding this process.