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As the voice of the independent, the National Grocers Association has provided education and learning options for our members through our wide array of collection of educational conferences, events and research for over 29 years. As we look to the future, and continue to build on these offerings finding ways to make them more accessible to our retail members nationwide, we are proud to present a new, convenient learning resource for you and your employees: The N.G.A. Online Training and Education Center.

The N.G.A. Online Training and Education Center is a people development organization supported by The Coca-Cola Company. As an educational organization, it serves more than 40 companies with blended training programs that include 175+ industry-specific online courses divided into nine different libraries. The N.G.A. Online Training and Education Center also provides retailers and associations with their own branded online corporate universities.

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Our libraries are a continually expanding selection of online certification courses specialized in the core aspects of the supermarket and food retail industry. Our courses are developed in conjunction with industry experts, affiliate faculty and staff to meet the needs of retailers worldwide.
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New Courses

Cashier – WIC Overview 3: Within Your Store

As you complete a transaction for your WIC customer, there are common situations you may encounter during the checkout process. In this course, you’ll learn the proper way to resolve those issues, while providing exceptional service to your WIC customer.

Meat 4 – Product Knowledge – Pork

Knowing all about products in your meat department helps build customers’ trust and creates a lasting impression. It is important to have the most up-to-date product knowledge when working in the meat department. Many customers come to the store already prepared with the product information they need, so it is important that you are well trained in order to answer their questions. In this course, we will talk about pork primal and subprimal cuts. You will be able to describe cooking methods or pork and the anatomy of meat cuts to customers. 

Cashier – WIC Overview 2: Participant Benefits

The WIC program prescribes specific nutritious foods to women, infants and children. When participants purchase these prescribed foods, they must follow the quantity, variety and size specifications designated in their benefits. In this course, you’ll learn how WIC benefits are prescribed and how to identify the WIC foods your customer may purchase.